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7 Healthy Ways to Cope With a Breakup

Be it mutual or one-sided, the decision to end a romantic relationship always feels like you have lost a piece of yourself with it. This usually causes a profound sense of loss and sadness. You might feel as though everything is falling apart, and as if this feeling will never end. But there’s more than one way to get through it.

1. Talk to a Friend

Research shows that speaking to someone about our difficulties helps us feel less stressed, as well as provides us with the love and care we may be looking for. Alongside this, speaking to a close friend always brings the added benefit of them providing practical advice on the matters of the heart.

2. Pour it out on Paper

You may find yourself in a situation where expressing yourself to a friend or a close relative may not always be feasible. Try writing down your stressful thoughts and feelings in a private place, without the fear of judgement. Research shows that expressing stressful thoughts and emotions reduces the overall negative effects associated with it.

3. Volunteer

You might find yourself craving social support, but not ready to meet the people who remind you of your ex. Spend this time volunteering with those in need, with animals if you prefer not being around people. It’ll help you feel good and rebuild your self-esteem.

4. Self-love is Key

Post-breakup, you might be plagued with doubt and insecurity but don’t give in to it. Show yourself as much love, kindness and compassion you would to a close friend going through a similar situation.

5. Take Care of Your Body

Get out your running shoes and pump up the adrenaline. Experts agree that physical activity increases self-esteem and lowers stress as well as anxiety. Use your breakup as an opportunity to become healthier and bring the focus back to yourself.

6. Take a Step Back and Re-evaluate

As human beings, we are constantly evolving and so are our needs. Although a breakup is a stressful and painful situation, it gives you the opportunity to take some time out and relearn things that matter to you and to grow at a personal level. So indulge yourself in new activities like dancing, painting, or even pottery to find your heart’s calling.

7. Be Patient

Do not try to rush through this period. As hard as it may be, no particular habit or trick can make this phase suddenly vanish. Instead, give yourself the time and space to recover. It may not happen overnight, but eventually, with time, it will hurt less and less till it no longer hurts at all.


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