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Khushi AI

Science behind your AI mental health friend

Khushi makes learning complex/serious therapy
techniques easy & fun through gamification

Example - Gamifing Pranayamam

Original Pranayamam 
Long rythimic breaths 
(with alternative nostrils too)

Gamified Pranayamam 
User breathes based on bird movements in a video

User breathes in when bird flys upwards

User breathes out when bird flys downwards

Calming chirping sound played in the background

Result from Khushi's gamification of Pranayamam

Increased Engagment

3 senses ( Nose, Ears & Eyes ) are used
instead of just 1 sense
( nose ), for engagment

Increased Frequency

Increased engagement leads
to increase in usage 

Increased Effectiveness

Increased usage & engagment lead to better grounding results

Vent & validate

Khushi provides a safe space to express your emotions & feel  relieved 

Lifeskills &  motivation 

Khushi nudges you to relax, understand or get going 

Healthy thinking

Activities to imrpove self esteem, become aware & limit unrealistic thoughts

Positive Emotions

Find similar peers in community 

Khushi acts as bridge to anonymously connect you with similar people to learn, comfort, congratulate & grow 

Better Relationships

Improve existing relationships

Khushi does roleplay to help you learn the essentials of healthy relations

Healthy routines

Khushi reminds & helps you to sleep  better,  

exercise & movement

Goals & plans 

helps make a plan & anticipating roadblocks to achieve realistic goals 

Meaningful activity  

Khushi Remembers what activities you find satisfying, enjoyable, or believe in. & nudges you to do it more

Healthy Behaviours

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