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Empowering students to transform
campus mental health

Get funds, friends & frameworks to setup mental health clubs in your college & lead change 

What happens in fellowship? 

With our tools & training you manage your own mental health & set up a club for others! 

Phase 1: Your wellbeing

Over a span of 4 weeks we bring our team to make a hollistic improvement in your mental health, this includes 

Therapy & Support Groups

Yoga & Meditation

Nutrition & Sleep

Phase 2: Setting up a club

In the final 4 week, we will guide you to setup or revive a mental health club  

Assess your college needs

Build a core group

Setup operational cadence

Send proposal to college admin

How do we support you?

Funds to do offline events

Networking opportunities

Policy documents for clubs 

Certificate of excellence

What's the objective here?

The fellowship is designed to help you set up a club & manage your college mental health with the help of it. Like any student led club, the mental health club engages students with events & competitions to help them manage their mental health.


Transforming onr college at a time

Emotional first aid training




Myth busting campaigns

20000+ students

Established clubs
20 colleges 

32 Colleges

Awareness events

Some of our Mental Health fellows

Kind, empathetic & action oriented

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